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Site Analysis and Research Publication

Mount Albert Redevelopment Project

Duration: 3 weeks

Date: November 2017


Mount Albert Redevelopment was a self-initiated revitalisation project which I collaborated on alongside my project partner and lecturer of landscape architecture. The initial assignment brief was open and gave students a chance to work on anything they wanted. Having a strong underlying interest in space and social design, I combined my research skills along with my interest for space to produce a research publication with concepts.

Mount Albert, Auckland, is a suburb in need of an upgrade. Together, we identified a potential area (a car park), that could be revitalized and transformed into a public space to ultimately increase the liveability of Mount Albert.

Numerous site analysisā€™ and observational research was conducted to understand the current situation and space. We identified what was missing and what was needed to revamp the town centre. The process was agile and we were constantly iterating.

The result was a research publication that outlined the current situation and potential for upgrade. Several concepts were produced as suggestions. The project was a chance for me to work on what i was truly interested in. As a UX designer today, Iā€™m constantly thinking about ways of implementing design principles and user research to the world outside of the digital.